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Demolition for Chicago, IL-Area Projects

Ironfire Construction approaches every demolition project in Chicago, IL with a clear understanding of the client’s exact needs. When the structure needs preparation for renovation or remodeling, our trained team carefully removes the materials that apply directly to the project without damaging the surrounding areas. We always put safety at the forefront of our concerns at every worksite, which includes the members of our staff, the business owners, and the surrounding structures and people. When a structure needs to be demolished entirely, we have various methods of destroying a commercial or industrial building that address the safety concerns of every building and person in the area.

Constructors demolition the building

Complete Demolition Services for Partial or Total Destruction

During any type of demolition, we cannot overstate the importance of taking every safety measure to minimize the chance of damage to the surrounding structures and population. Our team always analyzes, evaluates, and creates a demolition risk assessment plan. The primary goal is to demolish your building as efficiently and safely as possible, which is why we use the most current techniques to carry out your project.

Common Methods of Demolition

Mechanical or Non-Explosive Demolition

This type of demolition incorporates heavy machinery, hydro demolition, or non-explosive agents to complete the project. The machinery we use to demolish a building includes bulldozers, cranes, wrecking balls, and rams, while non-explosive agents break concrete and other materials by expanding in the same areas where we would place explosives.

Selective Demolition

When your demolition has environmental ramifications, this method applies. During selective demolition, we sequence the activities so that we can separate the building materials and sort them. This type is also referred to as interior demolition when there’s no need to demolish a building completely. It works well for structures in which you intend to remodel the interior.

Green Demolition

Green demolition is an effective way of collecting materials for reuse after the demolition takes place. This method can be difficult in commercial and industrial facilities such as factories and manufacturing plants. Many materials cannot be recycled because they are hazardous. When green demolition is possible, we can reuse or recycle as much as 80% of the materials.

Implosive or Explosive Demolition

This type of demolition utilizes a controlled explosion to destroy an entire building. During an implosion, we strategically place the explosive material and time the detonation so that the building will collapse on itself in a very short time. With implosive demolition, we can minimize any physical damage to the surrounding buildings and structures.

Contact Ironfire Construction to Demolish a Structure Safely

Through years of experience and a versatile industry skill set, Ironfire Construction makes sure your demolition project goes smoothly. We take the necessary precautions and plan carefully so that we demolish your commercial or industrial building successfully and safely. Give us a call today to discuss your demolition project in the Chicagoland area, and we will provide you with a free on-site estimate.

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