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Chicago, IL’s Excavation Experts for Foundations & More

Excavation takes more than machinery to fulfill a client’s project needs successfully. When you work with Ironfire Construction on your commercial or industrial project, you get a single point of contact to ensure clear and prompt communication. We discuss the purpose of your excavation, whether it be for utilities, laying a foundation, or any other activity that involves moving earth. With your specific needs in mind, we plan the most prudent strategy for excavating your work site using years of industry expertise and reliable, up-to-date equipment. Our experience with contracting in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas covers a wide variety of construction needs, including demolition, concrete, and asphalt. With excavation, we conduct precise grading, trenching, and digging to ensure your project’s completion fits your exact measurements and timeline. This commitment to timely work includes prompt response to emergency situations. Every project gets carried out with safety as a top priority to make sure our team and your property don’t suffer any unnecessary damage.

Constructors Excavating the building

The Excavation Process for Various Applications

We avoid a multitude of issues during and after your excavation project by planning every step in detail. Our well-trained and experienced staff handles the process of moving dirt and preparing your site with the utmost care and concern for possible hazards like existing utility lines and sewer systems. Each part of the process fits the measurements and requests of the client so that any further construction activities can begin immediately without having to make adjustments or corrections. The specific requirements for an excavation depend on the purpose of the project. Utilities may need level trenching to a certain depth, while installing a storm sewer or drainage system may involve removing earth to predetermined dimensions and connecting with municipal utilities. Ironfire Construction has performed a wide array of excavation services at high-end commercial and industrial sites all around the Chicago area.

Excavation for All Types of Applications

Our history of projects includes excavation for all types of applications, including the following:

  • Septic Systems
  • Site Development
  • Storm Sewers and Drainage
  • Grading
  • Site Work
  • Land Clearing
  • Utilities
  • Foundations
  • Emergency Excavation

Focusing on Commercial & Industrial Clients

Ironfire Construction specializes in exceptional excavation services for high-end commercial and industrial clients. However, we are available for residential projects, as well. Our company is certified, licensed, and bonded to ensure you get professional work from a fully qualified contractor. With our seasoned and highly skilled team of construction experts, we handle your project proficiently and to your specifications with direct, single-point communication to ensure timely transparency. Give us a call today to discuss your excavation needs in the Chicagoland area with a member of our staff, and we will provide you with a free on-site or at-home estimate.

When You Need High-End Results,
Count on Ironfire Construction