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Sewer & Water Contractors for Chicago, IL Properties

Your utilities are a crucial component to your building’s infrastructure, and Ironfire Construction makes sure your sewer and water services in the Chicagoland area get expert attention from our highly trained team. Whether you’re installing new pipelines or your existing pipes need repairs or relining, we offer a diverse selection of services with efficient workmanship and the latest in industrial technology. High-end commercial and industrial clients have trusted us for years because we put safety and client satisfaction at the forefront of our concerns. Renovations, new builds, and repairs to aging systems all require the seasoned skills of a contractor. With our commitment to high-quality service, your project is in the best of hands when you contact us to handle it.

Water pipes

Types of Sewer & Water Services We Offer

Ironfire Construction assures you our sewer and water services cover your various installation and repair needs. Commercial and industrial projects may call for extensive tunneling or simple fixes to the existing pipelines. We have the equipment and versatile expertise to ensure we complete your project quickly and without any unnecessary disruption to your property.

Our Services for Your Sewer and Water Needs


We offer various options for tunneling to ensure your sewer or water project needs to get fulfilled. Our methods for tunneling include conventional drill blast tunneling, hard rock and earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines (TBMs), and sequential excavation methods.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Also called directional boring, we utilize this trenchless method to install underground utilities like water lines because of its minimal impact on the property. Using a surface-launched drilling rig, we follow a shallow radius or arc along the planned underground path.

Culvert Repair

Our team offers quick and safe rehabilitation for your deteriorating culverts. Culverts typically only receive attention when they fail. When this happens, we install and cure new liners for your pipes to increase flow capacity and increase the life of a culvert for decades.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Our trenchless method of repairing and replacing your water and sewer pipelines can typically get taken care of through a manhole. Pipe rehabilitation is a safe and cost-effective solution to aging sewer and water lines without trenching or excavating your property.


This method of handling sewer and water projects is suitable for all types of soil conditions, including unfavorable ground conditions and high water pressure. We use a remote-controlled micro tunnel boring machine (MTBM) to create tunnels as large as 10 feet in diameter.

Get a Free On-Site Estimate for Your Project

At Ironfire Construction, we make each client’s needs are paramount concern when handling any type of project. For sewer and water services, we know your structure depends on timely installations and repairs to new and existing systems. When an emergency situation affects your sewer or water pipes, we respond promptly and fix the damage to restore your system’s functionality. Our projects consist of mainly high-end commercial and industrial clients in the Chicagoland area, but we will also handle residential projects. Give us a call today to discuss your project and get a free on-site or at-home estimate.

When You Need High-End Results,
Count on Ironfire Construction